Paula is My Bully

Paula is a bulldog.  Some people have a negative impression of the word bully.  They obviously don't know Paula.


Dog Boarding Kennels for Paula

You will probably need to leave your dog behind while you travel. Though it is not easy to leave her, you want to be sure your dog has a safe, comfortable place to stay while you are gone. Dog boarding can really be expensive. Not all families can afford to board their pets when they go out-of-town. If you are considering boarding your dog, ask your friends and your vet who they recommend. Call and visit several boarding kennels to learn more. Here are some questions dog owners commonly have about boarding. Be sure to ask the facility these questions before you make a boarding reservation for your dog.

All of these things are very important when considering getting a pet. Here are a few things to consider when looking into getting a family pet.

Try to pay a visit or two when the venue is not expecting it. Quality dog boarding facilities will not mind this and will try to accommodate those that just turn up. One might be a little suspicious if they do not like this, or they do not allow people to inspect the premises since they may be hiding something unsavory. Also, when the right place has been found, try to book it in well in advance as the good venues often get fully booked around the holiday time frames. Much like in hotels, they can only accommodate so many pets so this is vital if the holiday is a special one.

Most kennels are over crowded and do not give your dog the true attention that they need. I call it doggie prison. They may not be intentionally hurting your dog. However, your dog can have feelings of abandonment just like you would. So you want to make sure that you have employees that handle your pets at the boarding kennel that are highly attentive. Food and medication should be given on time and they should also make sure that your dog is taken for walks as well. The staff at a good boarding kennel will take your pet for walks at least three times per day.

Look in three areas when trying to judge the appropriateness of the kennel: 1) the emotional state of the animals staying there  2) sanitation, and 3) security. If the atmosphere of the kennel is controlled chaos this is a good thing. Yes, there will be lots of barking when you enter, but the staff should be talking to the dogs by names and the dogs should act like they are happy to see the staff. If dogs are cowering or stressed it is a sign that the kennel is not properly staffed. The kennel should be clean with all the dogs having access to runs, food, and water.

Dog boarding facilities should be the centers of pet care. Here your pets should be looked after extremely meticulously. Room temperature, food and exercise, every aspect has been taken care of. These kennels are insulated to provide cool in summer and heat in winters. For the most pampered dogs, most kennels have different more private accommodations. Each dog should have its own bedding space and an access to a run.

Some types of the facility have only basic amenities for your dog. Other more special ones will offer much more exciting things. It is a great idea to make sure that you know what options that you have so that you can choose what amenities that you want to pay for your dog to have. If you see the amenities you desire, coupled with a staff you can trust, you can feel confident in the quality of the dog boarding facility.

From one dog love to another, do your research. All of these things are very important when considering a pet boarding facility. Don't stop at the obvious. take the extra step to make sure the dog boarding kennel you choose is safe.



The video above will also give you some interesting ideas about home dog boarding.  This option may be interesting for some pet owners.  Keep in mind that finding someone you can trust in a home facility may be more difficult.  Special care should be taken to avoid abusive situations in home pet care facilities.


Paula's Birthday

Happy birthday to Paula.